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What’s in a name (again)

It was more than three years ago, I made a post about the name — Advaiya. I guess its time to talk about it again.

I hear the question about the meaning of the word ‘Advaiya‘ often. And, almost equally often, I hear well attempted but wrong answers. For one, the concept that this word embodies is difficult to comprehend and even more difficult to articulate. Also, its easier to derive the meaning: unique, without any second – as ‘-dvaiya’ is confused with more commonly used ‘-dwitiya’.

Advaiya is about the intrinsic oneness (or non-duality) in obvious dichotomies. This ‘oneness’ is not the commonality of elements in (that is, intersection of) disparate sets, nor is it about their union. This is about realizing them to be the same, as one — one core with varied manifestations.

Does it apply to our business? To our approach? To our services? Absolutely. We consciously attempt to see beyond the divisions — different technologies, various applications, many business processes and, ultimately, the division of technology and business — to uncover the underlying oneness. Its natural then to view technology as one integrated platform, to enunciate, build and leverage an encompassing enterprise architecture, and to frame governance structures which aligns IT to business’ strategy. This, in no way, implies ignoring the differences, what we have discovered is that the quest for oneness leads to a much more symbiotic view of the different parts.

My Udaipur

Everybody loves his city. To put it to measure or to seek reasons would be futile. Would I love Udaipur less if what makes it lovable become less so. Even if some trees die, birds vanish and noise increases, it still be a city I love.

Love, alas, is root of so many sentiments. Its this love that brings me to rage when I see the hideous signboard at otherwise beautiful Rajeev Gandhi Park. It causes me grief when I witness the misguided beautification measures at otherwise pristine Badi lake. It saddens me to despair when I watch ugly cement and concrete destroying the harmony of Sajjangarh and the valley.

It is the comfort of being in the city I love which triggers so satisfying contemplations into myriad aspects of life as I drive beneath the Amul billboard. It is this love that makes me sigh with joy driving through Sukhadia Circle on a Sunday afternoon.

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