What’s Advaiya

by MG

Advaiya is a solutions company. It has the capability to add value to business processes and to build valuable business processes via its technology and business skills.

Advaiya is not a large company. Advaiya does not see itself restricted to particular domain, vertical or technology framework. The central value is belief in ‘Advaiya’: the core, the oneness in businesses, technologies, people and processes. The core which manifests itself into a rich, vibrant and complex tapestry of modern businesses.

Advaiya does not ignore differences, it would rather accentuate them — for Advaiya has no fear of variety — to manage them by thinking beyond them, beneath them.

Advaiya has chosen to build platforms, solutions, applications and programs with Microsoft technologies. Advaiya has expertise in various enterprise technologies. The choice of expertise and technology flows from the judgment that this is a good way to end the duality of technology and business.