Udaipur and Bangalore

by MG

I worked in Bangalore a few years ago. I used to think of Bangalore as a sweet combination of Bombay and Udaipur. Udaipur’s quaint beauty and nice weather with Bombay’s cosmopolitanism and opportunities. Bangalore was a much better place then. I keep visting Bangalore for business and cannot help notice the steady rise in pollution, traffic and headaches.

In a recent visit, I had the opportunity to dwell over city’s booming IT business and the cultural changes it has brought. Bangalore is IT. I guess even paanwalla there stocks a USB storage device! Udaipur has history, palaces and lakes; not wi-fi hotspots.

Advaiya should rather be at Bangalore. Whats Advaiya doing in Udaipur? But then I may not reach home, if it were in Bangalore, in less than five minutes. In Udaipur, Advaiya is talk of the town; at Bangaore, Advaiya would be one of — a rather large — bunch. We focus on doing great things for our clients here and we have lots of time to do that. If a customer calls, our guys would get out of their quilts and be at office in 10 minutes. And, Udaipur is much less expensive than Bangalore in almost every way.

Udaipur might not have huge malls and multiplexes; Udaipur has Advaiya. Advaiya is proud to be in Udaipur.